Congratulations Fiona!

Congratulations to Senior Primate Keeper Fiona Cox, who has been awarded this month’s Employee of the Month!

Fiona received multiple nominations from zoo staff after she successfully injection trained Bornean orangutan, Benji, prior to him being anaesthetised for a general health-check with the zoo’s veterinary team – which he passed with flying colours!

Curator Richard Brown, said: “A successful training programme is an important part of animal husbandry and care and in the case of hand injecting, allows for routine vaccinations and anaesthetic medication to be carried out in a calm and controlled environment.

“Fiona’s work with Benji is commendable as she managed to get an older orangutan to accept hand injections in a short space of time and on the day, everything went according to plan.”

We’re also saying well done to Customer Services Team Member, Amy Hickman and Primate Trainee Keeper Chloe Reynolds, who received this month’s notable achievements.