Come rain or shine…

Whether it’s April showers or the spring sizzle that experts are forecasting, you’ll be ready for all weathers with one of our new brollies.


The new animal umbrellas in the DZG Tecton Safari Shop are selling well, with people buying them for the rain or sunshine, as shades.

They are on sale for £9.99 and designs include a giraffe (as shown left), a lion, an elephant, a cow, a zebra and others feature British wildlife.

DZG Retail Manager, Isobel Blackwell, said: “The new umbrellas are going down very well. They are good quality brollies at a reasonable price.

“They definitely have a dual use as well, either for the rain or hopefully the three-month heatwave that has been predicted. Let’s hope it’s the latter and we can all have fun in the sun at Dudley Zoo!”

Why not come inside the Safari Shop to explore the full range of umbrellas as well as heaps of other wonderful animal-related items.

DZG Retail Team Leader, Danitra Kiever (left), is kitted out for any weather with one of the new giraffe brollies.