Cod liver oil and TLC

Keepers are handing out TLC?to two elderly babirusas throughout winter.

babirusa-1-webThe Balinese wild pigs are genetically adapted to a warmer environment so 19-year-old female Tiny Pig and 15-year-old male, Nick, receive daily doses of cod liver oil poured over a fruity feast of apples, pears, bananas,carrots and green vegetables to ensure they stay in good health.

Keeper, Adam Walker, explained: “The cod liver oil is very good for them, and helps to lubricate their joints.

“Most of their staple food is in pellet form, but we like to supplement it with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds.

“We try to avoid drug treatment as much as possible, and so a good diet with nutritional supplements is a gentle way of promoting their health.”

CAPTION: Nineteen-year-old Tiny Pig plays with keeper Clare Westwood using an enrichment ball. The ball is filled with healthy treats such as apple, carrots and banana, which are released when the babirusa moves it around.