Coconut enrichment

DZG’s porcupines, Edwina and Sung, had an extra special surprise when keepers gave them a coconut to chew on.


Not only was the nut a tasty treat, but it also provided great enrichment for the sisters, as they worked out how to get the flesh from of the shell.

Trainee Keeper, Josh Luxton, said: “They started gnawing the coconut at first to try and crack it open and then once they got into it, they completely stripped the inside, just leaving the hard outer shell.

“They loved it and it was great to see them so active as they tried to get to the tasty middle.”

But it wasn’t just the porcupines who enjoyed the coconut, as keepers drained the milk first and gave it to Brazilian tapirs, Meena and Chico to enjoy too.

Why not try and spot the porcupines by finishing your zoo day at their enclosure, which they share with the mongoose.

The siblings are nocturnal creatures and although they sleep most of the day, they do like to come out at dusk, so the best chance of spotting them is last thing!