Clever capuchins!

DZG’s best puzzle solvers have been given an extra fun challenge by keepers.

dzg_capuchins__4web_aOur five yellow-breasted capuchins are renowned for being naturally inquisitive creatures and love nothing better than a spot of puzzle solving.

And to keep the primates on their toes keepers this week gave them rubber dog toys filled with fruit and treats.

Upper primate keeper, Sophie Dugmore, said: “Capuchins are very clever creatures and just love working things out.

“They were entertained for hours with the dog toys and soon tucked into their treats when they discovered them inside.”

Yellow-breasted capuchins are among the rarest small primates in the world and are critically endangered.

There are only around 300 left in the wild and are at a very high risk of extinction due to extensive habitat loss, as well as being hunted by humans.