City Nature Challenge 2020

We’re encouraging visitors to become citizen scientists and join us in documenting nature on your doorstep.

And all you need to do is grab your phone, download an app, look at the world around you and help us record wildlife.

Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, said: “DZC has been invited to take part in the 2020 City Nature Challenge as part of Birmingham and the Black Country, who are getting involved for the first time this year, joining 250 cities around the world.

“We’re asking visitors, whilst they’re at home, or out getting their daily exercise, to take photos of native wildlife, including insects, birds and plants, download the iNaturalist app and upload the picture with what you think it is and its location.

“The app will record the entry and a few days later a specialist will review it and come back to you with the correct details.

“By taking part it lets us know exactly what native wildlife we have, not just here at the zoo, but throughout Birmingham and the Black Country and it will also highlight to scientists and naturalists what needs help around the world and what we’re in danger of losing.

“Participation will help build conservation efforts and could even influence local government policy making as well as protecting native wildlife for future generations.”

You can follow our simple steps on how to take part by CLICKING HERE