Christmas Day work as usual

Christmas Day means business as usual for keepers at DZG.

DZG-lewis-xmas-day-work-webKeeping staff will be busy throughout the morning feeding and caring for the hundreds of rare and exotic species in our 1,400-strong collection.

Chief Executive, Peter Suddock, said: “Regardless of any rotas the staff always come in on Christmas Day and bring treats. For them it’s a special, quiet time alone with their animals as December 25 is the only day of the year we close to visitors.”   For the Lewis family it means leaving Santa’s gifts at home for a few hours while they hand out festive treats to their favourite animals.   Curator, Matt, and wife, Lesley, also a keeper, and their children Harry, aged 13 and seven-year-old Eliza live on site and their Christmas morning will include visiting the farm animals, lions, lemurs and penguins to hand out special titbits.   Matt said: “The staff share out Christmas duties, but most of them come in on the 25th to see the animals on their section.   “Lesley, Harry, Eliza and myself will be doing a tour of the zoo, visiting the children’s favourites and feeding the penguins on the way.   “The kids are often more excited about feeding the animals than they are about their presents, and can’t wait to see them on Christmas morning.”   MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!   CAPTION: Matt, Lesley, Harry 13 and seven-year-old Eliza get set to feed rare Humboldt penguins on Christmas Day.