Chinese visitors at DZG

A group of teachers from China dropped into DZG to get a lesson in how we provide vocational training for Dudley students.


ABOVE – Two of our apprentices Ellis Robinson and Rebecca Jordan (pictured second and third along on the front row) meet the group from Shenzhen

The visitors, from The 14th Class of Shenzhen Educational Training Programme for Teachers in the UK, were visiting Dudley College through Warwick University and stopped off at the zoo.

Dudley Zoo’s Finance Manager Jonathan Ashfield said: “The teachers came to us as they were interested in learning more about how vocational training was done in the UK.

“They enjoyed getting more details on how Dudley College provides apprentices for DZG and meeting the apprentices as well as visiting some of our animals including the tapirs, giraffes, tigers, orangs, lions and lemurs.”

The teachers have been staying at Warwick University for almost three months.