Chimps net Xmas gift

DZG’s chimpanzees have netted a Christmas gift, thanks to the help of a demolition company!

dzg_chimp_netting_rob3_web_0Midlands-based DSM Demolition have kindly donated a bright blue cargo net for the exclusive use of DZG’s seven chimps, following demolition work carried out on the former Dudley College site.

Team Leader for Lower Primates, Nicola Wright, said the net was ideal for climbing, and would provide enrichment for the chimps.

She said:?”We would like to thank DSM demolition for this donation. As well as providing a great climbing experience for the chimps it will be a nice surface for them to lie on as it will exercise their muscles even while they are lying down.”





ABOVE: Keeper Rob Kedian with the new netting.

LEFT: One of our female chimpanzees tests the ropes.