Chimps’ bolognese feast!

Chimps have been tucking into a delicious meal of vegetarian pasta bolognese, thanks to the culinary talents of trainee keeper, Shaun Crompton.


The seven females love the pasta dish, and next week it will be top of their menu  as, along with some of the world’s rarest animals, they celebrate National Vegetarian Week.

web_chimps_spag_bolLower Primates Trainee Keeper, Shaun – pictured above -said: “I quickly discovered that primates love pasta, so when I was thinking of alternative dishes to give the chimpanzees, I remembered the spaghetti bolognese that I make at home and decided that would be a perfect dish, minus the meat and a few other high-sugar ingredients, so I made up a big pan and they went mad for it.

“I use carrots, onions and tomatoes, plus a few chillies for that extra kick, and cook it for them about once a month as a treat, but I’ve made it this week to coincide with National Vegetarian Week (May 18-25).”

The girls are given their pasta bolognese in individual plastic cups, to ensure they each get a portion.

Sean added: “Chimps aren’t very good at sharing and if I gave them a big batch the lower ranking girls wouldn’t even get a look-in, as the older girls would eat the lot.

“So I use plastic cups, which I then hide around the climbing frame in their internal den.

“They eat the bolognese out of the cup and when it’s empty they come over to us for a refill of their favourite squash.”


See the chimps enjoy their pasta bolognese in the video below . . .