Chimps’ blanket games

web_chimp_hammockDZG’s younger chimpanzees are having great fun playing with blankets.

Keepers regularly give the seven girls blankets and sheets as enrichment, they serve as nesting material at bedtime, and 19-year-old Banika has also discovered they can play ‘ghosts’ with them too!

Trainee Keeper, Jade Reddall said: “The chimps like having soft beds, so we give them the blankets so they can make it extra comfy, but Banika and Malaika enjoy making up games with theirs.


Caption: Malaika, pictured right, tries out her hammock for size, while Banika, left,  plays ghosts with her blanket. 

“They’ll turn them into hammocks, which they’ll get in and then usually fall out of, but Banika likes putting them over her head and pretending she’s a ghost and then she chases the others around the den, which is very funny to watch.”

See some of the chimp games in the video below…