Chicks boost colony

Three marbled teal chicks have hatched at DZG giving a boost to the species which is threatened in the wild.

DZG-marbled-tealwebThe colony now numbers 12 birds. Marbled teals are diving ducks which are classified as vulnerable to the threat of extinction by conservation experts.

They are medium sized ducks (15-17 inches in length) which used to breed in large numbers in the Mediterranean region but are now restricted to a few sites in southern Spain, north west Africa, and Israel.

The chicks were reared in an incubator and fed on chick crumbs, lettuce, carrots and crushed insect pellets. 

*Some of the smallest ducks in the world are settling in at DZG.

Three one-year-old Baikal teal ducks transferred from London Zoo and a second female is being sought to join the two males and female. The species is named after the Baikal Lake in Russia. 

CAPTION: Bird keeper Sophie Dugmore with three four-day-old marbled teal chicks.