Chester’s health MOT

Columbian black spider monkey, Chester had a quick health MOT during a routine implant check.


chester_03The six-year-old primate is to become DZG’s breeding male so vet Peter Stewart – pictured above with keeper Nicola Wright – sedated Chester to ensure a previous contraceptive implant was no longer present.

Senior Curator, Derek Grove, said: “Fortunately, Chester’s implant had already dissolved, but while he was sedated we were able to give him a full body and dental check, as well as taking blood samples and weighing him, without causing him any additional stress at a later date.”

Chester and older brother, Charlie – pictured below – arrived last month from Colchester Zoo and have joined Evita and Valentine to form a breeding group. 

Columbian black spider monkeys are Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red Data list and are part of an international conservation programme at DZG.