Cherryl’s magical day

Cherryl Whittlestone summed up her DZG Keeper for the Day experience as one of the most magical days of her life.

After spending the day feeding our penguins, flying a bird of prey, and touching a tiger Cherryl, pictured above, sent a heartfelt email and thank you card to zoo staff.

The animal lover, from Pedmore in Stourbridge, praised our keepers for their excellent animal care and knowledge, our successful conservation and breeding programmes and DZG’s carefully designed enclosures.

Her message read:

“What an incredible day. It was one of the most magical days of my life.

The amount of knowledge the keepers have about their animals, and their obvious fondness for them, as well as their welfare was paramount in all the information they gave me.

I was fascinated by the endless information from the keepers about the conservation projects, the amount of care taken with the animals’ nutrition, their enclosures, feeding methods and their breeding programmes and much more.

Having been asked which part of the day I enjoyed most, I found it impossible to answer. How to compare the flying of a bird of prey to actually touching a tiger, feeding the penguins and being pursued and nipped by Taffy the devil penguin, feeding a giraffe and being up close and personal with a giant orang-utan?

It was an experience that I will treasure always, together with having made some wonderful memories.

The keepers I met and who led me through the experience made all this possible and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of them.”

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