Chernobyl children explore DZG

Youngsters from Belarus had fun at DZG – their first visit to a zoo – during a month-long sponsored holiday to the UK.


The 24-strong group visited DZG via Kinver and Wolverhampton Link of Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline Charity.

Charity Link Co-ordinator, Lynn Bevan, said: “This the first time these children have visited the UK and the first time they’ve been to a zoo and seen big, exotic animals like lions, tigers and giraffes.

“They were all very excited to explore the DZG and the castle.”

DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman said: “The Chernobyl visit is very much a part of our calendar and we always enjoy meeting the youngsters and, in particular, seeing their reactions when they come face to face with some of the rarest animals in the world for the first time.”

The charity provides activities for the child victims of the Chernobyl disaster as part of a recuperative break during the summer holidays.

This is the nineteenth year the group has hosted their young Eastern European visitors and included a visit to DZG in their itinerary.