Cheers for the bubbles!

DZG meerkats had a blast bursting bubbles thanks to a generous zoo supporter who bought a bubble machine for our animals.

The meerkat mob darted about their den chasing the bubbles and popped them with their noses and paws.

The bubble machine was kindly purchased from the Amazon wish list created by Dudley Zoo for people who want to donate practical items which will enhance the lives of our animals.

Keeper Josh Luxton was first to try out the new bubble machine in the Tecton Reptillary enclosure and said it was definitely a hit with the meerkats.

He said: “The meerkats had a great time and were chasing after the bubbles and bursting them, which kept the group active.

“It’s nice to do an enrichment activity with our animals that doesn’t involve food and instead uses other senses.”

The bubble machine will also be used as an enrichment device with our Sumatran tigers, giant anteaters, red pandas and Brazilian tapirs.

Items bought online from the zoo’s wish list are delivered direct to our Castle Hill site. Our full wish list is available by CLICKING HERE or searching for Dudley Zoo in the wish list section on Amazon’s UK homepage.