Cheating chimps!

There was excitement afoot when Lower Primates Keepers gave our seven chimps a fun challenge – to sniff out treats from inside a pile of socks!


ABOVE: Mali hotfoots it to a pile of socks!

The idea was for Mandy, Fanny, Barbie, Malaika, Binti, Mali and Banika to find the white socks dotted around their one-acre chimpanzee enclosure, and then unknot them to release a delicious snack.


Cutting corners… Malaika, pictured above, gets right to the treats

websocks1DZG Section Leader Nicola Wright said: “For enrichment we filled some socks with monkey nuts, raisins and dried pellets and tied each sock loosely at the top so the girls would use their skills to open them to get to the food.

“They found every sock and got to every last morsel of food, but not one of them untied the knot!

“They all cheated, finding it quicker to bite through the ends of the socks and get straight to the snacks.

“All seven chimps were certainly interested in their unusual food parcels and it was interesting to see how they went about their challenge.”

EATING EVERYTHING UP! Binti, pictured left, enjoys every last mouthful of food from one of the socks.


Chimpanzees are man’s closest relative; the genetic difference between humans and chimps is less than two per cent.