Charlie’s toy treats

Blue and gold macaw, Charlie, is enjoying new toys thanks to the generosity of her adopter.


The popular parrot, who resides in the Discovery Centre, has been treated to two new hanging wooden toys following a £10 donation from Christine Clive, which arrived addressed to Charlie, alongside a bag of her favourite nuts.


Presenters have also used the funds to purchase a bag of walnuts and brazil nuts for the 25 year-old bird.

Presenter Heather John, pictured above, said: “The toys were an immediate hit with Charlie, especially the one which is hanging off her perch as that’s getting a lot of use already.

“The nuts are also a massive hit and we’re treating her to those alongside her usual daily diet.”

Christine also sent money and treats for Sumatran tigers, Daseep and Joao – with big cat keepers spending their gift on natural catnip. 

Watch Charlie enjoy her new toy in the short video below.