Charlie’s special nut treat

We’re celebrating National Nut Day with a special delivery for our favourite parrot!


Presenter Pam Midwood arrived for work with a bowlful of tasty hazelnuts for blue and gold macaw, Charlie who is based in the Discovery Centre education block.

Pam, said: “Charlie is very partial to her nutty treats, especially hazelnuts which are her particular favourite.

“Just like humans, nuts are very beneficial for her health as they’re packed full of protein and vitamins.”

And Charlie’s powerful beak acts as a brilliant nutcracker which allows her to crack open the toughest of nuts in seconds.

But it’s not just Charlie who enjoys a nut or two.


Asiatic black bear, Inca, will tuck into monkey nuts as the occasional treat, especially as she prepares for her annual hibernation when keepers increase her daily food intake so she has enough fat reserves to last through winter.

dzg_charlie_nut_week_3And our critically endangered yellow-breasted capuchins are partial to a few coconuts as well!

Keepers treat the primates to the coconuts for enrichment, which they simply hold in their hands and crack open on the nearest post to get to the milk and fruit inside. 

Pictured top: Presenter Pam Midwood delivers some tasty hazelnuts to the Discovery Centre’s blue and gold macaw, Charlie.

Pictured middle: Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, treats Asiatic black bear, Inca, to a few monkey nuts as she gets ready for her annual winter hibernation. 

Pictured left: Yellow-breasted capuchin, Willow, wastes no time in getting to the middle of his coconut!