Charlie’s keeper day

A Brazilian tapir is now on the Christmas wish list of 12-year-old Charlie Cooke after he cuddled one when he became a DZG Little Zoo Keeper for the Day!


Charlie, from Leicester, took part in the animal experience and got up close and personal to a range of small DZG creatures, from farm animals to Humboldt penguins.

Charlie’s mum, Debbie Nedza, said: “Charlie’s favourite animal was definitely the tapirs. He said they were warm, cute and soft and he’s even asked if he could have one. He also said he had the most fun trying to feed the penguins.

“He also has a fascination with reptiles and has a pet gecko, so he loved the chance to hold a snake and other small animals and loved learning lots of interesting facts he didn’t know and the keepers went to great lengths to tell the children unusual facts about every animal they met.

“He said he wants to do it all again and can’t wait until he’s old enough so that he can an adult keeper for a day experience and feed the bigger animals.

“It was an incredible day and myself and Charlie’s dad enjoyed it as much as he did. It was a very special experience and was worth every penny and I am very sure we will be back soon.”

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