Charlie’s walkabouts

Blue and gold macaw Charlie has been making the most of the sunny weather and getting out and about to greet our visitors.

DZG Presenter Dorrie Hall takes Charlie out exploring

The 24-year-old macaw has been visiting various parts of the zoo to soak up the sunshine and say hello to people on site.

DZG Presenters Dorrie Hall, Langan Turner and Presentation Assistant Amy Hickman from our education block take turns to take Charlie for a walkabout when the weather is good.

Dorrie said: “Charlie loves the sun and to sunbathe. We do like to take her out of the Discovery Centre on walkabouts, although it is usually a slow walk as she likes to be admired by visitors.

“She particularly likes going into the castle courtyard where she meets lots of people and gets plenty of compliments.

“People may even hear her say ‘hello’, ‘bye’ or ‘hello Charlie’ during her tours.”

Dorrie said Charlie sometimes explored the zoo’s lower level or went to visit the gibbons but said they had to make a special trip for her to meet the new male sea lion Oba, pictured below, when he arrived at the start of the month.

She said: “Charlie could hear Oba roaring every morning from her perch in the Savannah Room and didn’t understand where it was coming from.

“So we took her to the Sealion Pool to meet Oba and once she realised where the noise was coming from she was a lot more relaxed.”

Keep an eye out for Charlie when you’re next on site!