Chairlift chums for reindeer

Our herd of reindeer are gradually making friends with their new neighbours –  a team of contractors refurbishing the chairlift.


The chairlift’s upper terminal is located next to the herd’s paddock and the reindeer weren’t too keen on workers’ recent grit blasting activities.

Trainee keeper, Jo Turner, said: “The reindeer certainly didn’t approve of the work and weren’t happy about going outside.

“But they’ve got used to it and are now back out in the paddock but keeping a close eye on the workmen!”

Mid-August chairlift launch



 Intensive grit blasting reveals the chairlift’s original condition.


Work is well underway on the £117,000 project to refurbish the popular 1958 chairlift.

DZG CEO Peter Suddock said: “We’re very pleased with progress; we really didn’t know what we were going to find until we started stripping back the layers, but thankfully, it’s in much better shape than we’d expected and despite the wettest summer on record, we’re still on track for a mid-August launch.”

The chairlift is one of just three surviving UK models and will transport visitors from the bottom of the site up to the castle.

The two-minute journey will travel directly over flamingos, llamas and sheep, providing panoramic views across the borough.