Celebrating Luna live!

We’ve had a very special party in our South American Paddock today – and we invited you along!

It’s our little Brazilian tapir’s first birthday and we delivered a carrot-topped cake to lovely Luna, live on Facebook this morning. Here it is if you weren’t able to join us!

Keeper Josh Luxton, who broadcast DZG’s first ever Facebook Live when the baby girl was born, once again was live from our South American padock to share the wonderful celebrations with our followers.

He combined all Luna’s favourite fruits, veg and pellets to create an amazing birthday cake and even carved a candle out of a carrot for the top.

Josh said: “We’re so excited about Luna’s first birthday and wanted to share it with as many people as we could.

“I watched Luna moving around in her mum’s tummy before she was born and when she arrived we were all so thrilled, we couldn’t wait to tell everyone the exciting news. Now she’s one we are continuing our celebrations in style.”

Luna was born on May 28 last year to dad Chico and mum Meena, who has had five other babies, after a 13-month pregnancy.

Baby tapirs, which are endangered in the wild, are born with a distinctive spotty and striped camouflage pattern, which fades after around six months. The stripes help them camouflage themselves from predators against the rainforest foliage.

Happy 1st Birthday Luna!