Celebrating camels

It’s World Camel Day and our three Bactrians, Charles, Jimandi and Fergie will be playing a key role in helping us raise awareness of the critically endangered wild camel.


There are thought to be approximately only 600 wild camels surviving in China and 800 in Mongolia and most of the planet’s 1.4 million Bactrians are domesticated.

On Saturday we’ll be raising money for The Wild Camel Protection Foundation, a UK based charity, which works to protect the species and its habitat.

Section Leader, Lesley Lewis, said: “We’re pleased to be supporting World Camel Day and raising awareness for the species.

“People are always surprised to discover how camels are critically endangered in the wild, but we’re inviting visitors to come and find out more about the species and our camel family.

“To raise funds towards the work of The Wild Camel Protection Foundation, visitors can enter our name the large cuddly camel toy, worth £39.99, while visitors can also purchase dress-up camel ears and tails.”

If you’re visiting on Saturday, make sure you visit Charles, Jimandi and one year-old Fergie, located on the zoo’s lower site by the farm.

  • Pictured above, Apprentice Keeper, Harry Upton, looks ahead to Saturday’s fundraiser, with the cuddly camel prize and our Jimandi, Charles and Fergie.