Celebrating all things orang!

DZG’s four Bornean orangs were great ape ambassadors for their wild cousins yesterday as they helped staff celebrate International Orang utan Day.


The event aimed to raise awareness of the threats facing orang utans in the wilds of Borneo and Sumatra and to educate people on how we can do our bit to help save them.

As well as being introduced to Benji, Jorong, Jazz and Sprout, visitors were able to find out more about the great ape species from staff via a special presentation at our orang enclosure and highlighted how orangs are facing possible extinction in the wild within the next 20 years.


The talk explained how the wild orang population has decreased by 50 per cent in the last decade due to poaching, logging, forest fires and habitat destruction for palm oil plantations, and advised visitors to look out for the Rainforest Alliance logo which means items have been made using sustainable products.


And after a day out at DZG, why not treat yourself to an orang utan from our Safari Gift Shop?

Customer Services Team Member, Charlotte Westwood, is pictured with some of the new stock which includes cuddly orangs in all shapes and sizes all in need of new homes!