Celebrate being eight, Maggie!

DZG’s Team Leader Jay Haywood has a special bond with reindeer Maggie who turns eight today.


Maggie had to be hand-reared by keepers and Jay has fond memories – and wonderful pictures like the one above – of the time he took special care of the reindeer calf.

webdzg_reindeer2Jay said: “Her mum was a first time mother and couldn’t produce any milk so the keepers had to step in and feed Maggie.

“We were feeding her every couple of hours and had to come in through the night too until she went on to solid food at around six months.

“It was a very special time with Maggie and it’s amazing how quickly the years go by and she’s now turning eight.

“She’ll be getting some browse to munch on for her special day. She’ll enjoy that and will share her treat with the rest of the reindeer.”

RIGHT AND BELOW – Birthday girl Maggie is eight today.