Sad news about Kubwa

We have some news to share about our male giraffe, Kubwa, who sadly passed away yesterday. Following consultations with the zoo’s veterinary team, the decision was made to put the 22-year-old to sleep after a deterioration of his health following treatment for a long-term condition. Kubwa had been at DZC for almost 13 years and […]

First to adopt Ember!

You could be the first adopter of our newest red panda, Ember, as we hold a fundraising event today! Throughout the day we’ll be raising awareness about the plight of this beautiful species, which has seen numbers decline by half in the last two decades, due to habitat loss, pet trade, disease and climate change. […]

Santa’s new sleigh-pullers

It may be Easter Monday, but we’ve let Santa know he’s got extra sleigh-pullers this Christmas, as we’ve had two baby reindeer born – and they’re very cute! Genie was born on April 14th to five year-old mum, Jasmine and Winnie arrived two days later to mum, Sunflower, also five. Dad to both calves is […]

DZC takes centre stage

Three DZC keepers took centre stage at the BIAZA Mammal Working Group virtual conference. Lower Primates Section Leader Jodie Dryden, Carnivore Keeper Cheyenne Darkins and Trainee Keeper Chloe Riley all submitted pre-recorded presentations, which were broadcast to zoo professionals at BIAZA collections around Britain and Ireland as part of the online three-day conference. Jodie spoke […]

Moulting hair provides cosy lining!

Our Bactrian camels may be looking a little straggly at the moment, as they begin moulting their thick coat, but this is providing ideal nest lining for some of the site’s native birds! Keepers have spotted a clever carrion crow, amongst other feathered friends, collecting up the shed hair from the paddock floor. This hair […]