Conservation Matters!

Last year we pledged £100,000 over a five-year period to Sintang Orangutan Center in Indonesia to enable them to build a second Forest School for rescued orangutans. Twelve months on we’ve received a wonderful update to say the school in Jerora is now complete and the first group of orangutans – six-year-old Tom (who walks […]

Winter education offer

CALLING ALL SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS…. We’ve got a tiger-iffic offer for on-site educational trips to DZC this winter. We’re offering a £2 discount per child for any school workshop or self-guided tour booked to visit us during November, December, January or February. As well as outdoor tours, we have a wide variety of indoor classroom-based […]

Supporting Cikananga

We’ve pledged our support to the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre (CCBC) in Indonesia, making it the 16th in-situ animal conservation project we currently financially contribute to each year. Over a five-year period, we’ve assured the CCBC £10,000, to help with their work breeding endangered and critically endangered endemic Indonesian species, particularly songbird species. Following our […]

Meet Carko!

Say hello to Carko, our new male red panda, who has arrived at DZC to join resident female, Ember! Eleven-month-old Carko arrived by plane from Sweden last week as part of a European Endangered Species breeding Programme (EEP) and is already settling in well with one year-old Ember. Team Leader, Laura Robbins, said: “We’re really […]

Thought-provoking statue unveiled

We’ve revealed a thought-provoking new statue to help highlight the plight of the critically endangered Bornean orangutan. We’ve once again joined forces with local sculptor, Luke Perry, to create the large-scale steel artwork as part of our engaging visitor interpretation around the new outdoor orangutan enclosure. Zoo Director, Derek Grove said: “As part of our […]

Forest School starts!

We’ve had word from Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) in Indonesia to say the first stage of work has started to build a second Forest School in Jerora, which DZC is funding. We’ve pledged £100,000 over a five-year period to SOC, which specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the great apes, which will enable […]

Orang celebrations

Baby Bornean orangutan, Jim, is celebrating his first International Orangutan Day today and what a year for us to be marking it, with two recent additions to the critically endangered species and a brand-new outdoor enclosure for them to explore! Join primate keepers at the orangutan house throughout the day, where you can find out […]

Sales support conservation

Did you know you help DZC support in-situ animal conservation projects across the globe by purchasing the £1.50 nectar pots to feed our Australian rainbow lorikeets. Daily sales of the sweet liquid in Lorikeet Lookout is currently being put towards our fundraising for Sintang Orangutan Center in Indonesia, where we’re helping fund a Forest School, which will allow […]

Spotted on Site

DZC doesn’t just care for the big exotic animals, we’re also a marvellous home to a vast array of native species. And if you’re planning on visiting the zoo during the holidays, we need your help to record them! As part of the BIAZA’s new campaign, Spotted on Site, we’re encouraging visitors to download the […]