Otter joy!

We’re otterly thrilled to announce the arrival of four young otter pups at Dudley Zoo. The adorable youngsters were born sometime at the end of June but have only just emerged from their underground den. Keeper Cheyenne Darkins managed to get this wonderful family photo of the whole Asiatic short-clawed clan, including eight-year-old mum Keyah, Continue reading Otter joy!

A trio of hatchlings

Three gecko hatchlings born in DZG’s Reptile House have taken up residence down on the Farm. Two tiny Standing’s day geckos, born on August 7 and 10, and a tokay gecko which hatched on May 7 have just moved into a special hatchling area in the farm barn. Senior Keeper Kirsty Thornton said: “The geckos Continue reading A trio of hatchlings

Babies spring up

Dudley Zoo is celebrating a bundle of spring babies including a capuchin, a black lemur, a Barbary sheep and two bats. The latest additions to our 1,600-strong collection have all been born within the last 10 days, with the Barbary sheep birth being witnessed by visitors just two days ago. The baby boom kicked off Continue reading Babies spring up