Adorable Arctic arrivals!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the birth of our first ever litter of adorable Arctic fox cubs – just in time to meet our half term visitors!  Under the watchful gaze of mum, Grace and dad, Spruce, the cubs emerged from an underground burrow over the last few days, much to the delight of staff […]

Baby news!

BIAZA zoos play a significant role in helping ensure the survival of some of the world’s rarest animals. And this Love Your Zoo Week, we’re very excited to announce we’ve had another baby sloth born at DZC! Linne’s Two-toed sloths, Flo and Reggie, welcomed their second offspring two weeks ago, making one year-old Button a […]

Baby black lemurs!

We’re thrilled to welcome not one, but two black lemur babies! Twelve-year-old Barbara gave birth to twins a fortnight ago. Both mum and babies are doing well and can be found in their enclosure opposite the chimpanzee paddock, alongside dad, 17-year-old Bryan. The births are extra special to DZC as we’re the European Endangered Species […]

More baby news!

We have some happy news to share…. Say hello to our baby binturong! The baby was born to two-year-old, Coco and five-year-old Elliot earlier this month and is the first baby binturong to be born at DZC in our 85-year history! Mum and baby are doing really well!

Jazz to the rescue

We’re excited to announce the birth of a second critically endangered Bornean orangutan at DZC within four weeks! Eleven-year-old Sprout gave birth over the weekend, but unfortunately as an inexperienced mum has found first-time motherhood a little bit tough. Thankfully, Sprout’s mum, Jazz, 30, who only gave birth herself a month ago, came to her […]

Gorgeous Jim!

Our three-week-old baby Bornean orangutan has been named by keepers, who settled on ‘JIM’ for our beautiful boy! And Jim has certainly amassed a lot of fans since his birth on June 25 and we’ve loved seeing your photographs of our newborn, who has been proudly shown off over the past few weeks by mum, […]

Sloth hugs and kisses

Here’s something to brighten the Monday morning blues – sweet sloth hugs and kisses between Flo and baby Button! If you’re visiting us for Love Your Zoo Week, you’ll be able to discover how BIAZA zoos play a significant role in helping ensure the survival of some of the world’s rarest animals through conservation breeding […]

Another birth first!

We have more baby news and it’s another exciting first for DZC in our 85th anniversary year! We’ve welcomed the arrival of five naked mole rat pups! The weird and wonderful species, who first joined the collection in 2018, can be spotted in their heated burrow system in the chimp viewing area. Did you know… […]

Santa’s new sleigh-pullers

It may be Easter Monday, but we’ve let Santa know he’s got extra sleigh-pullers this Christmas, as we’ve had two baby reindeer born – and they’re very cute! Genie was born on April 14th to five year-old mum, Jasmine and Winnie arrived two days later to mum, Sunflower, also five. Dad to both calves is […]