Castle Creatures – Come inside…

The wait is over! Castle Creatures – a new interactive medieval experience featuring live animals in the 11th century Castle – opens to visitors today.


Assistant Curator Richard Brown gets ready to welcome visitors to Castle Creatures

The £250,000 exhibit, at the heart of DZG, tells the story of the Earl of Dudley’s family and explains the history of the castle.

It also houses a series of animal exhibits showing how medieval folk lived in close proximity with species, such as rats and bats, as part of everyday life.

DZG Senior Curator Derek Grove said: “It’s a most exciting concept. Staff have worked alongside designers to create an authentic experience for visitors of all ages.

“We held a preview event for DZG members and had some fantastic feedback.”


Member, Maureen Dutton pictured above with Senior Curator Derek Grove, who was very impressed with the exhibit.

Derek added: “The layout includes a unique interactive screen whereby visitors can create their own animals from a gene pool, plus a huge board game telling the story of thriving animals and those facing extinction in the modern world.


“We’ve created a Tigerdile!” – Some of Castle Creature’s first visitors try out the Gene Splicer

“The idea is for this installation to bring the Dudley Castle experience closer to our core visitors while uniting castle and zoo life.

“It’s two decades since our last interpretation exhibit was constructed. Visitors will be able to enjoy lively interactive displays and immediate facts at their fingertips.”

Castle Creatures, which has taken six months to develop, has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Step inside and see Castle Creatures first hand – open from 10am daily.