Camera captures newest family

Camera trap footage has captured our Colombian black spider monkeys, Evita and Chester, settling into parenthood with their newborn daughter, Nina.

At almost a fortnight old, keepers are delighted to confirm the critically endangered primate is female, with her name meaning ‘girl’ in Spanish – the country’s official language.

Lower Primates Senior Keeper, Jade Reddall said: “Mum, dad and baby are doing really well.

“From her surprise outdoor delivery, Evita is proving to be a natural mum and is taking wonderful care of her baby girl, keeping her snuggled close.

“Dads typically do not help in raising offspring, but Chester is being really attentive towards Evita and Nina which is great to see and we’ve spotted him on camera gently stroking his daughter.

Evita, 16, gave birth in front of visitors in the hot midday summer sunshine on July 31 and Nina is DZC’s first baby Colombian spider monkey in four decades.

Listed as Critically Endangered on the International Union of the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List, the species are hunted for meat, as well as being under threat from forest deforestation.