Camel post is up to scratch

Bactrian camels, Jimandi and Charles, can ease those irritating itchy patches thanks to a novel new scratch post.

dzg_camel_scratcher_4_webThe post, which is attached to the wall of their indoor enclosure, was designed by trainee keeper, Clare Westwood who worked alongside DZG’s maintenance team to put her plan into action.

Made with soft bristle brush heads, the camels can simply scratch up against the post themselves to relieve any itchiness and help remove some of the moulting hair.

Clare said: “The scratching post is just what I envisaged and the camels are already started to use it.

“They enjoy us brushing them, but this way they can do it themselves any time they want.”


Trainee keeper, Clare Westwood, with the camel scractcher she designed.


Bactrian camel Charlie can now ease the itch unaided!