Camel capers

Today is World Camel Day so we’re asking you to get the hump – and pin it on the camel as part of our weekend celebrations.

‘Pin the hump on the camel’ is one of the fun games on our information stand which will be outside the camel enclosure all weekend and there’s chance to win an adoption pack for one of our three Bactrian camels, Charles, Jimandi, and two-year-old Fergie.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said: “Tomorrow and Sunday, we’ll be having lots of camel-themed fun, telling visitors about our camel family and highlighting the plight of critically endangered camels in the wild.

“Money raised from our camel games will go towards the work of The Wild Camel Protection Foundation, a UK based charity which works to protect the species and its habitat.”

There are thought to be approximately only 600 wild camels surviving in China and 800 in Mongolia and most of the planet’s 1.4 million Bactrians are domesticated.

If you’re on site this weekend be sure to visit Charles, Jimandi and Fergie, near the Farm on the zoo’s lower site.