Calling Australia, Indonesia and Russia!

Members of Dudley and District Amateur Radio Society will be catching up on their sleep today after operating for 36 continual hours from DZG as part of an international Zoos On The Air campaign to raise awareness of wildlife conservation.


Throughout their transmission time Alan Hall, Alan Hudson and Keith Winwood – pictured above – were in contact with fellow enthusiasts in Australia, Indonesia and Russia.

Keith said: “It’s been an amazing time and we can’t believe the number of people we’ve been in touch with across the world who know all about Dudley Zoo. 

“We had a great time and it’s been so successful we are hoping to make it an annual event.”

DZG CEO, Peter Suddock said: “It was really interesting listening to the members chatting to fellow amateurs in far-flung places, particularly as many of the countries they were in contact with are the lands of origin for animals within our collection.”