Calendar to the rescue!

Forgotten a Christmas present? A DZG 2014 calendar lasts a whole year, helps vital conservation and costs just £7.99.

Available from our Safari Gift Shop it also means giving twice over as proceeds from sales support our Madagascar campaign to help lemurs in the wild.

Here are a few images from throughout the months . . .

calendar_2014_aug_tapirs      calendar_2014_aug_tapirs

AUGUST: applying sun cream to Brazilian tapirs • JUNE: strimming the Gelada baboon paddocks

calendar_2014_aug_tapirs       calendar_2014_aug_tapirs

SEPTEMBER: cleaning the Humboldt’s penguins’ viewing panel • MAY: painting the lemur shed

Designed and written by Head of Media and Communications Jill Hitchman, with images by Stourbridge photographer Phil Riley, the calendar reveals the fun – and frustrations – of working with some of the rarest species on the planet for the zoo’s 30 full and part-time animal keepers.   calendar_2014_aug_tapirsJill said:?”The calendar is inspired by a recent LANTRA (Sector Skills Council for environmental and land-based industries across UK) video about zoo keeping at DZG, and we wanted to show what inspires our keepers to love what they do, and do what they love.   “Zoo keeping is one of the UK’s most popular jobs and competition for an apprenticeship placement is immensely strong.   “There’s no glamour; hours are long, tasks are routine and arduous, plus it’s a smelly and dirty job, much of it done outdoors in all weathers.  

“But where else would you get so close to the world’s rarest animals, learn their likes and dislikes, give them TLC when they need it and create a bond so close they’re like family?”

The calendar endorses the zoo’s work within the 1,300-strong animal collection and proceeds from sales will support DZG’s Madagascar Campaign to help lemur conservation in the wild, a project with which the zoo has been associated for more than a decade.