Cake all round!

There was cake aplenty on Lower Primates section this week as staff celebrated student keeper, Hannah Follows’ eighteenth birthday and also said farewell to keeper Rob Kedian.


And big hearted section leader, Nicola Wright, ensured no-one was left out by making a special celebratory cake for our seven chimps!


Nicola said: “We couldn’t leave the chimps out of our party, so I made a banana cake at home on my day off which I topped with baby food and kiwi, banana and pieces of plum as a special treat for them.

“We cut it into slices and put them on paper plates which we hid around their enclosure for them to find.

“While we were enjoying our cake, the girls also had a great time tucking into theirs.”

CAPTIONS TOP: Cake all round: (from left) for birthday girl Hannah Follows, keepers Stacey Ball and Robert Kedian and Section Leader Lower Primates Nicola Wright.

ABOVE: The special cakes Nicola made for our seven chimps.