When Caidan met Kubwa

Eight-year-old Caidan Price was certainly on a high after meeting Dudley Zoo’s giraffe family and feeding our handsome male Kubwa.

And the West Bromwich schoolboy, who was given the feed experience for his 8th birthday, even dressed up his beloved teddy called ‘Bear’ as a giraffe for the occasion.

Animal lover Caidan, who takes Bear everywhere, adored every minute of the feed experience hosted by our Education Assistant Amy Hickman and he even adopted Kubwa and became a DZG member on the special day.

His mum Zoe said: “This was the perfect present for Caidan as he absolutely loves giraffes. He adopted the young giraffe Kito as a birthday present last year and this year he’s adopted Kubwa, as that was the giraffe Caidan fed.

“As soon as we left the zoo we went to get the photos printed so he could take them into school, he was so excited.

“He hasn’t stopped talking about the whole day and Amy was lovely with him.”

See you soon Caidan and Bear!