Bye boys!

Our troop of gelada boys have left DZG for a new home in Latvia as part of an international conservation programme.

The five 11 year-old bachelors, Simiya and brothers Semelo, Sanijo, Jilo and Jima were transported via road and ferry to Riga Zoo earlier this week.

Curator Richard Brown said: “The EEP co-ordinator visited DZG in the summer and recommended our bachelor troop as an ideal option for the zoo.

“I also met with their new keeper at the recent EAZA Conference who told me the zoo is unveiling an African exhibit and the geladas will be a key species for them.”

The boys moved to DZG in 2013 from their birthplace in Austria.

Keepers from Riga travelled to DZG to collect the troop and transported them to their new home via road and two ferry rides, the first from Hull to Sweden and then onwards to Latvia.

We’ll be letting their hillside bank enclosure rest for a few months before another species moves in.