Buy2Help DZG!

Do you love shopping? Then did you know you can support DZG through your purchases?

We’ve signed up to Buy2Help, an online shopping experience where people can buy a variety of goods from fashion, gifts, beauty and furniture and donate to us without paying anything more!

Marketing Manager Andrea Hales, said: “Who doesn’t love shopping and this allows supporters to buy their favourite items from the website, select DZG at the checkout and we’ll receive a donation every time you shop, it’s that simple!

“As a registered charity we rely on donations to actively support our vital conservation programmes both in-situ and ex-situ.

“Here at DZG, donations help pay for animal treats, toys, bedding, food bills and heating, but we also get involved in a large number of field conservation projects which help protect threatened animals and their habitats in the wild.”

Check out and select DZG as your charity of choice at the checkout.