Bugs check in!

A new luxury five-floor hotel complete with a rooftop garden has opened at Dudley Zoo – for bugs!


The bug hotel was built and designed by Lower Primates Senior Keeper Stacey Ball, pictured above, and a few creepy crawlies have already started to check in!

She has used wooden pallets, bricks, old bits of slate, moss, woodchip, sticks, logs and broken pots to put together the impressive accommodation located by our red squirrels at the bottom of the Snail Trail hill.


ABOVE: Finishing touches… Senior Keeper Stacey Ball selects some sticks for the new bug hotel

Head of Lower Primates Nicola Wright said: “Stacey has done a great job of the bug hotel and created a home for beetles, spiders, ladybirds and all sorts of other little creatures.

“We would love it if hedgehogs visited too and we’re hoping wild flowers planted on the roof will attract bees.”

Why not explore the DZG bug hotel for yourself when you’re next on site, or even create one in your own garden?