Bucket loads of fun!

It’s the summer holidays and our meerkats are already having bucket loads of fun following a delivery of new sand for their enclosure.

Instead of simply tipping the sand straight in, keepers mixed in mealworms and filled buckets to make sandcastles around the enclosure.

Assistant Curator, Jay Haywood, said: “The meerkats immediately dived into the sandcastles to find the treats hidden inside.

“Meerkats are excellent diggers and have very long claws which help them. They normally dig underground, but this is also a fun way for visitors to see them at work.

“The sandcastles only lasted seconds, but at least they spread the sand across the floor for us, which saved us a job!”

Did you know, meerkats are able to close their ears while they’re digging, which keeps out sand and dust.

Watch the meerkats in action in the video below…