Bubbles for Bubbles!

DZG Keeper Josh Luxton couldn’t wait to pop to our giant anteater paddock to see what our new male Bubbles made of bubbles.

Using a bubble wand, Josh sent a trail of bubbles into the paddock and Bubbles burst out of his indoor area to investigate.

Friendly one-year-old Bubbles joined us from Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire at the start of June and shares the paddock with our two-year-old female Romy.

Josh said: “When I came up with the idea of blowing bubbles for Bubbles I was so excited and he did seem quite interested.

“As I blew them towards him some were hitting the mesh and bursting so next time I’m going to try using a bubble machine to produce piles and piles of smaller bubbles.

“It’s nice to see Bubbles being inquisitive and in future, when we have any special celebrations, we know we can bring out the bubbles!”

Pop and see Bubbles and Romy on your next trip!