British Food Fortnight £1 offer

Our British Food Fortnight celebrations are continuing this weekend as we promote the use of seasonal produce and are offering £1 admission for children so families can find out more!

DZG giraffes and union flagsFrom magnificent Bornean orangutans to cheeky Humboldt penguins, our 1,500 strong animal collection are all tucking into the very Best of British food – much of which is sourced in neighbouring counties.

But it’s nothing new, as we’ve been serving seasonal food to our 200 plus species since opening almost 80 years ago as we strive to always get the best for our pennies.

Curator Richard Brown, said: “We take delivery of fruit and vegetables from Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire twice a week, cereals arrive from Staffordshire, raw meat is delivered once a month from Shropshire, while we have two deliveries a month of fresh sprats delivered direct from Poole within hours of being caught for our Patagonian sealions and Humboldt penguins.”

DZG antony-british-flagAnd we can’t forget the homegrown delights that some of our animals enjoy – including the peas, broad beans, runner beans, sweetcorn, radishes and lettuces which our gardeners have grown for the seven chimps, and the bamboo which grows on site for our Tibetan red pandas.

Come and find out more about why British food is so important to our animals by taking advantage of the special children’s £1 offer for this weekend only.

Visitors just need to download and PRINT the voucher by CLICKING HERE.

There’s a display board in the Discovery Centre about the two-week campaign and visitors can learn more about the different foods our animals eat by following the daily talks with a variety of species across site.

There’ll also be an opportunity to help us raise money for treat foods for our animals by entering a raffle to win a Creature Feature, where you’ll be able to feed some seasonal salad to critters in the Discovery Centre.