Book returned 21 years on!

A file on Dudley Castle’s archaeological digs has been returned to DZG – 21 years after a history student borrowed it!

dig_projectbook-webFormer Wolverhampton University history student, Jodie Keane – now a London-based BBC producer – mailed the book after discovering it in her attic.

She said: “I was at Wolverhampton from 1988 to 1991 studying History, and in my final year, along with three other students, I put together a project on Dudley Castle.

“This book was lent to us to help with our studies.”

The 50-page publication, entitled Dudley Castle Archaeological Project, offers an insight into excavations between 1983 and 1985 and highlights finds from the castle.

These include animal bone and pottery, large quantities of glass and ironwork from the castle together with building debris of bricks, tiles and mortar.

Jodie added: “I’ve recently moved house and for the first time in many years finally sorted through all the boxes in the attic and came across this file on Dudley Castle Archaeological Project.

“I’m very happy to return it to its rightful place at last and can only apologise it has taken so long!”

DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “It was quite a surprise to receive the book after so long, but it’s arrived at an excellent time as we now have a new Archive Department where we can store it.”

CAPTION: Presentation Assistant Amy Hickman with the book that was returned to DZG 21 years after a history student borrowed it!