Bonjour Marina and Tania!

A pair of Patagonian sea lions arrived today from the South of France to join DZG’s colony.


websealion3The two females Marina, aged 19, and 18-year-old Tania (pictured above) translocated from African Safari, Plaisance du Touch, near Toulouse – the same place 18-year-old Deisy came from earlier this year.

The girls, both born in Uruguay, made the 48-hour journey in an air-conditioned vehicle and arrived safely this morning.

RIGHT – Team effort… Keepers carry the newcomers to our Sea Lion Pool

DZG’s Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, said: “Female sea lions in particular do like to hang about in larger groups so Marina and Tania will be wonderful company for Cleo and Deisy.

“At first the females will all stay together in one pool but eventually, after a slow introduction, we hope to connect our two pools so the four females and male, Oba, can have the run of the whole enclosure.”


ABOVE – Out you come girls! Welcome to your new home!

Keepers said they were looking forward to getting to know Marina and Tania and to discover their personalities and characters.


ABOVE – Pleased to meet you! The new girls greet our lovely Cleo

DZG’s two pools are connected by a salt pool and can be sectioned off to separate them.

The Sea Lion Pool has recently undergone specialist renovation work to repair the wavy Tecton den, ramp and diving board using original shuttering techniques.

The pool is one of 12 Modernist buildings constructed between 1935 and the zoo’s opening in May 1937.

Designed by Russian architect Berthold Lubetkin and awarded World Monument status in 2009, our curvy concrete buildings make up the largest single collection of Tectons in the world.

We’re sure Marina and Tania will get a warm welcome from DZG visitors this weekend!