Bonfire night tips

DZG’s Conservation Officer Chris Leeson is urging people to be wildlife aware this bonfire night before celebrations go off with a bang.

He’s asking people to think about hedgehogs, birds and other wildlife in their gardens if they are preparing to celebrate Guy Fawkes night at home.

Chris, who looks out for the wildlife across our 40-acre site, said: “My main tip would be not to build bonfires too early as wildlife can move in if it’s built too far in advance. It’s best to make the bonfire on the day you are planning to light it.

Hedgehogs aren’t the only garden lovers who need to be steered clear of the bonfire. Look out for newts, toads and frogs too and direct them away from where the fire will be, by creating alternative shelter out of piles of leaves.

“And once the celebrations are over it’s important to remove dead fireworks and make sure the bonfire is fully extinguished, as piles of hot ash could be harmful to wildlife.”

Chris added that birds in next boxes should also be protected and Catherine wheels were best fixed to fence posts rather than trees.

Have a blast this bonfire night!