Blue Cross Creature Feature

Young visitors came eye-to-eye with a rainbow boa snake and a bearded dragon as they visited DZG’s stand on Saturday.

The Outreach team stopped off at the Blue Cross Dog Show in Bromsgrove, where they were also kept busy painting faces. 

If you stopped by and said hello, you may have been snapped by our team – so take a look below!

alicia_fielder-greenlands           alicia_fielder-greenlands

Alicia Fielder from Greenlands and Brooke Baynam from Wollaston meet a DZG snake!

alicia_fielder-greenlands           alicia_fielder-greenlands

James and Molly Hewston get up close to a bearded dragon

alicia_fielder-greenlands            alicia_fielder-greenlands

Jessie and Lottie Rudge from Bromsgrove get their faces painted as their favourite zoo animals

alicia_fielder-greenlands         alicia_fielder-greenlands

Sam Butowski from Bromsgrove and Tabitha Holdsworth get a closer look at a slithery visitor