Blooming tasty!

A beautiful hibiscus plant which has blossomed in DZG’s Monkey Tails exhibit is providing some blooming tasty treats for our recently relocated tortoises.


Hermann’s tortoise Tiggy enjoys a hibiscus flower

African spurred tortoises Larry and Percy and Hermann’s tortoises Tiggy and Tom have been merrily munching on the bright red edible flowers when they’ve been given them as treats.

Lower Primates Keeper Jade Reddall said: “Hibiscus is an edible plant and the tortoises have loved getting some of the flowers as treats every now and again.

“The whole of Monkey Tails is looking lovely with many beautiful plants coming into bloom at the same time.”


Senior Keeper Stacey Ball with a bird-of-paradise (stelitzia reginae) or crane flower in Monkey Tails

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Blooming marvellous – Angel’s trumpet, bromeliad and jasmine flowers in Monkey Tails