Blooming in celebration

An area of DZG will forever bloom in celebration of a remarkable little girl who is amazing medics.


We welcomed Maebh Adams and her family on site earlier this summer to scatter wildflowers alongside our Asiatic lion paddock in celebration of Maebh turning 18 months-old – a remarkable feat considering she was given just 12 months to live.

The borough youngster was diagnosed with Edwards syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition which results in a wide range of severe medical problems. The majority of babies die in the womb or a few hours after birth, with only a small percent of babies surviving until their first birthday, but Maebh continues to defy all the odds thrown her way.

Maebh’s family asked if they could celebrate her latest milestone by scattering flower seeds around our Snail Trail wild area and DZG Conservation Officer Chris Leeson welcomed them to the zoo to scatter the seeds, which will bloom year-on-year.

Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, said: “It was lovely of Simone to want to mark Maebh’s very special celebration here at DZG.

“Planting wildflower seeds is a wonderful way to celebrate as it will not only create a colourful mini-meadow for visitors to enjoy every year but will hopefully also become a haven for native minibeasts too.”

Maebh’s mum Simone, pictured top left with Maebh, said: “The seed scattering was really such a lovely and memorable day, with Chris going out of his way to help us with everything we needed.”

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