Blooming beautiful baskets!

Six stunning hanging baskets have been put up outside DZG’s restaurant to give visitors a blooming lovely welcome.


webbaskets1Our gardeners have hoisted the huge baskets into place outside the Oak Kitchen at The Queen Mary Restaurant.

Head Gardener Carl Stevens, who had to get on the restaurant roof to secure the baskets, said the arrangements would stay in place until October time.

He said: “We’ll be watering the baskets at least three times a week, and more in hot weather, to keep them looking their best.

“We’ve also created floral displays in five urns near the restaurant so the area looks very welcoming for our visitors.”

The seven-strong gardening team, who recently planted out all the formal borders by the Castle keep, said they were often complimented on the well-kept gardens at DZG.

More than 1,200 bedding geraniums and French marigolds were planted in the borders as part of their summer planting programme.

ABOVE: Head Gardener Carl Stevens fixes one of the baskets lifted by DZG gardeners Anthony Gwilt and Paul Durber

webbaskets1   webbaskets1

LEFT: Floral delivery – Gardeners Paul Durber and Paul Oakley get set to put up the baskets

RIGHT: Beautiful blooms – Gardener Paul Durber, who has worked at DZG for 35 years, shows off one of the urn displays